*WARNING* zkillboard will be exporting ESI formatted killmails soon

What the title says. CREST killmail formatting will be going away and ESI formatting will be taking over. There is no definitive date on when this will happen, but it will happen within the next couple of weeks.

Please prepare any of your tools that rely on zKillboard’s API.

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Hi Squizz,

adjusting the format leads to a problem for me, so i have a bit of a feature request.

In the past i used to create my own battlereports from zKill data into a spreadsheet and sorted the different parties to be able to create a valid battlereport because the options on the battlereport tool were very limited for my needs.

Now after the xml import option is not longer existing i have problems to do this and would like to get a solution for this. Also evf-eve.com/services/brcat is down for some reason, maybe it has something to do with the zKill changes in affect?

This could be either a better battlereport creation option from zKill or an option to get the informations out of zKill into a spreadsheet like i did before in a format i can use it with.

For example: Systemname,Date/Time,Shiptype,Playername,Corpname,Alliancename,Attackername,Attackercorpname,Attackeralliancename,ISK_value_destroyed,ISK_value_dropped.
Maybe some other usefull informations but this should be the minimum informations to provide.

2 Parties are simply not enough to sort out the factions from a fight with like 2000 people and 50 different entities, also it can be interesting to see from all ships who died to see what they dropped isk wise to see how big the lootfield was.

I played a bit with the jason data and the provided api but without much success, but i was reading there is no more then 200 per call allowed anyways.

I tried to create a spreadsheet where i just copy and paste the table from zKill and the kills from it into my sheet and used formulas to sort this manual then but this to much work to make this everytime a fight happened, problem here is you can not browse more then 10 Pages backwards.

Hopefully u understand this issues and hopefully you have solutions and motivation to solve this :slight_smile:

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