Why is ZKillboard STILL a problem

The eve Swagger interface (EVE Swagger Interface) continues to show accurate market prices for items and has been for some time, and yet ZKillboard is still showing radically incorrect kill-mail item values while claiming its an Eve API that is at fault. There is a pink message at the bottom of each killmail where Squizz Caphinator indicates the eve API to do this is disabled.

I ask anyone interested to encourage him to update his code, or perhaps shed some light on why this continues to be a problem. Also, ccp should have made their own KB long ago :slight_smile: An opportunity that is still there for them, and possibly another source of revenue.



Yea. Still broken.

The eve market endpoint has been disabled but ccp recently brought it back online.

Yea. Still broken.

I wish zkill would just die so everyone can stop caring so much about their killboard.


That would probably turn a lot of people off of eve… after all according to EA, gamers need a sense of “pride and accomplishment”.

Imagine needing a killboard to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment… All zkill does is provide quick, easy, free intel and encourage risk averse gameplay.

It objectively makes the game worse.

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Those who mine endlessly in high-sec, or babble in local and never experience any goals or adversity don’t pvp or appreciate zkill. Instead of doing, they sit back and just try to teach.

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