Factor Warfare needs love

Think fw specific skins as lp rewards would be cool. Total overall accumulative points will earn rare skins for players. Cannot be sold.

Lp for kills needs to be doubled. Reduce plex lp, again…

FW mechanics should cease in highsec. Unless I have negative faction standings. Other fw should not be able to engage me. Its faction warfare, not Red vs Blue. This has always bothered me, and Never gave me enjoyable content.

FW members shouldnt have to pay jumpclone fees or tax in fw regions regardless of tiers.

I agree. CCP would have a lot of work to do to create FW skins for all the empire ships, though.

This will mean that very few players will have access to these skins based on their proficiency, OR this will also introduce a new currency similar to AK with the original release of Project Discovery, which was a bad idea at the time and would be a bad idea now.

This would enable LP farming via alts and friends

This will de-incentivize plexing, which is a problem since plexing is at the core of FW. Plexing basically is FW. A lot of PVP takes place there. Without plexing, FW PVP degenerates into regular non-FW PVP, which begs the question - what would be the point of FW?

Why??? The empires are at war with each other AND are allied with one other empire, so obviously they would permit combat in their space since they legally recognize the combat, along with CONCORD, so this makes sense lorewire. It also makes sense gameplay-wise because it encourages PVP. One of the nice thing about FW is you get a whole bunch of enemies all at once to PVP with, and that includes the ability to bash POSes in HS.

False. It truly is RvB. If you don’t like it, don’t enlist in it. Don’t tailor FW to be something it’s not intended to be just to suit your tastes.

Corporations, which may include non-militia corps own the stations. They’re neutral entities. They’re there to do business. Why shouldn’t they charge fees and taxes? Also, even the military needs to raise funds for the war effort in doing so. Furthermore… these taxes and fees aren’t a big deal, I’m surprised they’re being mentioned to begin with.

I like the idea of skins that can’t be bought -they can only be earned. So +1 to that idea. Of course, designing a whole new line of skins would be a butt ton of work, but maybe the could design like 20 skins (or something) for the most popular ships in FW.

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