Factory Ships: That can produce T1-T5 product lines whilst in station. or Space

Hello Developers
Is there a series of industrial ship that can manufacture goods from T1 to T5 whilst in flight or or in dock after collecting products. It may be a memory issue so in dock production would be good, whilst disabling or halting work at factory whilst collecting goods / in space flight would hopefully solve any memory issues. Kind of like the retrievers center which stops in warp flight.

I ask because I couldn’t find any and I think it would be a good idea for the expansion of ships capabilities for the budding and eve corp industrialist whom are working in alliances with projects etc. Further it an additional income stream for EVE.

Thank Kind regards and thank you for such a great game.


Max is T3 industry
You can produce only in stations or player owned structures with specific modules online.

Mobile industry would break the economy so don’t expect producing stuff on ships while in space or even on ship while docked.

They’re probably talking about PI. Planetary materials come in T1-T4. No idea where that magical T5 comes from, though. Maybe a typo?

Anyway, a ship doing this would be twice pointless, as our planetary colonies are producing PI-materials already. First, because this entire line of skills and gameplay would be suddenly obsolete, second because if CCP doesn’t take the old system out to shoot it, no-one would use the new system because why the hell would you sit in your potentially vulnerable ship if you can produce PI in your safe, untouchable colonies?

If the OP was talking about something else, I’d like to hear a clarification, of course.

OP seems to have no idea about what he is talking about…

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Thank you Much appreciated.

Clearly not as I am limited in experience, that’s why there was the question. Thank you. Remember if you don’t ask, you don’t get an answer. :wink: You never know they may decide to develop a Tier 4 product producing ship. logistically it makes sense.

A rorqual used to be able to do something like industry while in space. I have never owned one, so I don’t know if it was just compressing ore or whether it had more capabilities.

Thank yes PI. The T5 was a misunderstanding, thank for the clarification. The idea came from reading about the Rorqual specifically " the Rorqual’s primary strength lies in its ability to grind raw ores into particles of smaller size than possible before, while still maintaining their distinctive molecular structure. This means the vessel is able to carry vast amounts of ore in compressed form." (Eve University). I thought well if it can do that why not “produce on the fly”.

Addressing the risk issue mining or combat I have lost (Human Pirates :wink: on weekends mainly) enough ships, so in my view there is no more additional risk than when one is collecting produce or mining in all the sectors 1.0 to-0.7 low sec. One would, not necessarily be sitting still as one would be moving between systems.

However I do get your point, my point is it would be possible if a person is in the relative safety of corporation fleet, one group mining, whilst the others maybe working on PI produce in the same area.

Thank you again.

Thank you Your right that iss where I got the idea from though my knowledge of levels was definitely wrong. Thanks again

It doesn’t make sense, it has little in the way of effective use-cases, and it’s not going to happen.

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I adore the idea but it just seems like one more romantic hint at the fabled ‘nomadic’ lifestyle.

Use cases would frequently be spare parts you need right this very moment (iE ammo and charges), but it doesn’t strike me as a valuable addition overall. Also, what happens if a job starts in one system and finishes in another, as I know eve it would start raining pink unicorns in Jita.

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simplest possibly canonical answer: because the power requirements for merely refining raw ore into usable mineral components would overwhelm even a titan’s reactors.


Well the Corp I am with regularly have projects we work on together, that would be the use of it. Also as we hop back and forth between systems, it means we can be active whilst watching the background. Thank you.

Thank you that makes incredible sense. :wink:

Precisely Thank You…great to see a nomad active spirit, our corp is spread out and often sending orders to me as the industrialist on the team. Fly Safe ;)7

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