New industrial ships wtih production plants

Dear CSM,

I propose adding versatile industrial ships to EVE, with the ability to fit Standup Manufacturing, Invention, and Research Labs. These could be SoE for science and ORE for industry, or ORE could have both.

These ships would require fuel like stations for running such services. Skill levels might determine how many such ships you can use simultaneously, but system limitations would still apply to job quantity.

You could be an itinerant factory guy for your alliance or for yourself, or even in deep space fitting a cloak module or go be a nomad in wormhole, or take this ship to a station that has no factories and then you will have your factory. An alliance could bring those of those ships to a Fortizar and do whatever they think it’s suitable. Such ships could be good in places like Pochven where you can’t anchor structures.

The concept of becoming a self-reliant individual, wandering through space, producing what I need, and using it in my adventures, greatly appeals to me.


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Thank you, already moved the thread to that section

Like a Breaking Bad ship, someone brought this idea years ago, @Mike_Azariah probably knows about it

  • clone vat bay
  • industry, research, invention plants
  • industrial cyno

Would be cool if it’s highly customizable and if you could dock and give access to corporation members

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