Industry in ships

has this ever been a thing? what would anyone think about it?
i mean would ships with some industry researsh etc capability inside them make any sense?

No and No.
Industry in ships equals totally safe industry since you can just log off.

As Nevyn wrote, it’s never been a thing.

However, industry in stations is 100% safe and I think if there was an active state of a ship (eg. like activating the Industrial Core of a Rorqual), then it might be not a bad idea for the Rorqual and maybe the Orca (but it would need other rebalancing too), or a new Orca like ship focused on industry and not mining.

Seems to be an idea that offers more play options and with the activation of something like an industrial core, the industry would be paused when the core is not active.

I think there is possibility in the idea.

And no cloak at all. No need to add more afk playstyle. :wink:

player base structures are already a kind of anchored ship.

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