Falling Active Player Numbers

So what you are saying is that if you have a cash cow worth 300m a year and one worth 50m a year, you kick the 50m a year one over a cliff.

I don’t think that’s how it works.

They know you will move to echo’s because you’re an addict.

Lol as a statistics prof this is pretty bad and flat out wrong interpretation of statistics… lol try harder

Even if they believe that my bet is they will hang on at least until one of the products incurs an actual financial loss.

uhm yeah, ok…

a Mobile p2w garbage game…like all the rest of that genre.

Btw smartass…you know most multiboxers that do high end supply stuff…they are feeding corps or Alliances…usually.
Or, they are doing spies and fries,
Or FC’ing a fleet while keeping eyes on the situation and/or providing fleet warp points.
Or assisting in cyno movements, when they are not themselves using cynos to ship stuff around.

It takes a lot… A LOT of effort to do things right in this game when you are part of a group. Some of it being using the brain before undocking…maybe you should grow one…a brain.

ISBoxer cope.


As a professor, perhaps you could tell us how EVE Offline is doing it different to Pedros explanation then?

Of course, Chribba confirmed just a couple of posts later that he does use the max when aggregating data into fewer points, so it’ll be interesting to see a professional explain how the data is handled.

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He is not a professional - he is a professor.

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Source? Someone told me the winner would get a station. I was in the verkhorior tribe or something like that the name

I just made something up - I didn’t want you to quit.

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I just want a game where i play one character at a time. Is that too much to ask. It would seem though CCP forces the multiboxing alts thing. Echo’s looks like it will be single use for a while.

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That is actually an interesting question, my naïve assumption would be that most of multiboxing happens in mining and PvE farming, and those accounts may very much be payed buy PLEX (in this case CCP are not getting any income) or $$$ from selling farmed ISK (here CCP loose more than they gain from subscriptions). Though if they buy PLEX for ISK, somebody has to sell it to them, and the only PLEX source is CCP shop, so … they still indirectly stimulate spending by others. Yeah, without solid data these are just speculations…

Differentiating between accounts is not really that troublesome. IP data alone is definitely unreliable and is just one of the observables in a group of metrics (hardware finger-printing e.g. CPU/GPU ids, etc.) which together provide you a confidence level of how likely the accounts are related. Anyhow, implementing the system is a certain headache and there are always ways to cheat the system (though the harder it is to cheat, the less users will attempt to).

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Indeed, sometimes you get the feeling multiboxing is implicitly encouraged. When you see a single person flying a flock of Golems on Sasha incursions, or when you see your corp member’s multiboxed mining fleet harvesting moons in nulls, or you see YT howtos on SP farming which is often combined with planetary industry on forty accounts and 120 characters in total, you just “CCP, wtf?!”… x)

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To compare historical trends and current trends the proper methodology is ARIMA poission regression of count data where forecasting is done to generate expect trends and compare the statistical confidence and probability that the current trends falls within projection limits. The ramble that was posted here in no way is a valid scientific method of measuring if current trends are outside historical variation.

Except that isn’t what it did.

It was a simple and correct explanation of why there isn’t a valid comparison, because the historical data is biased towards the maximum numbers, where more recent data doesn’t have as much bias, because there is less aggregation of the data.

The summary of Pedros post is in the last line:

It was the earlier poster that tried to use the data for comparison. Pedro was pointing out how that isn’t valid.

Guess it’s worth a second read.

It hasn’t been announced yet, as far as I am aware. The event just ended two days ago.

Believe it is being announced today in their regular stream.

Historical numbers from last 2 years are biased? Lol I guess the PCU should always be trending down by your absurd assumptions

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No, the data displayed for a yearly view is different data than that used for a monthly or weekly view.

Comparing a monthly view to a yearly view is not statistically valid, as the views use different data sets. If you want to compare Month A vs Year B, you need to grab the 12 monthly views for Year B and average them, not compare the Month A chart against the Year B chart.

Not really. Combat multiboxing is pretty common. In null, for example> you may have a subcap pilot in one fleet, (as its most likely to get some action). Then have a carrier pilot in a different fleet, (you don’t want to have capitals and sub caps on the same character as you will inevitably be in the wrong ship at the wrong time and miss any fun). Then you might have another character as a scout, or a hunter, or you may just be dual boxing another subcap in the same fleet. You could also have a couple of pve alts back home to make isk or to mine…

It’s surprisingly cheap to run additional accounts, there are plenty of ways to make enough isk to plex them. Take that capital account, if you have decent planets (not HiSec). The other two chars can run PI for passive isk, one could be in a barge quickly… if you decide all the char slots are trained to the level needed for their roles you can even skill point farm for isk.