Fancy a life in Null? Come join Grabi

Do you fancy trying out Null sec?

Come and join Grabi. A friendly and helpful team full of knowledge willing to share.

We are part of Frat

What we offer:

PVE ( lots of combat sites)
PVP defend our space plus join alliance roams and fights.
Pochven raids
Mining with MOONS, ice, gas and ore available.
Industry (make more for less)
Planet Interaction
Friendly chat and help in every timezone.


Join us on discord and SEAT.
Over 18
Not easily offended (we have a lot of Aussies)

Come and have a chat with us.

You can get me on here or ingame message me and ill get back to you.

Look forward to hearing from you all.


Ship replacement program in use.

Come on over and try your hand in Null.

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