Fancy Pants Inc. - A small community corp with big alliance resources

I’m the Recruitment Lead for Fancy Pants Inc, a corporation within the Pandemic Horde Alliance out in Null Sec. We pride ourselves on being low-stress and real-life first but also have a very active group of members in the USTZ and AUTZ most days. For the times when we are not active within the Corp, you can then rely on the content provided by the PH Alliance. If you want access to 200+ pilot fleets one day, a mining fleet the next, and then a small gang roam, we can provide those opportunities. If you’d like to learn more or get to know us a bit, here are the links to our promo video as well as our Public Discord channel. May your travels be safe, your ticks be high, and your fights be good o7

Corp Promo:

Bemused Harpy
Fancy Pants Inc. | Recruitment Lead

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