Looking for corp in highsec - mostly industry based

Hi There,

I’m looking for a small corp (around 50 active players) which focusses mainly on pve and industry in highsec, I currently almost have 10M SP and i’m fairly new to the game. For now i want to mainly focus on industry but i would also like to learn the fight mechanics of eve for pve and later maybe also for pvp.

Hope you can help me!

o7 Bloock!


Hi there
Well il start by saying we aren’t a high sec Corp, we’re a null sec Corp. however we have a good industrial division within our alliance and coalition.
We have very good players who can help you gain experience with living in 0.0 space as well as pve/pvp.
If it sounds like something you may want to try, join our in game channel brittas empire public and join our discord https://discord.gg/tZacyWu
Chat with us, see what you think and what we can offer

Fly safe 07

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Crazy Bird Inc. is currently recruiting. Although a bit smaller than what your possibly looking for (about 15 members 5 active weekly) we are rebuilding and looking to grow into something more. As of right now we currently offer weekly moon mining ops, regular mission running fleets, we have a refining station for reporcessing, and when we get a bit bigger we will be delving back into pvp. Right now we are rebuilding. Alot of our past members are coming back. Crazy Birds Inc has a broad array of experience across many aspects of eve new and old.

We are based in Hi sec so if you hear something u like give me a hollar ingame ‘Enlightened Artwik’, reply to this message, or if i’m not on you can hangout in Crazy Bird Pub chat channel till someone shows up. Fly safe o7

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