Favicon in Firefox

(Sarmatiko) #1

I’ve noticed a little issue with favicon appearance in Firefox browser.

For some reason it appears as clean white E logo without black background in Firefox (new forum tab is on the left, old in the middle):

To make things worse, it almost disappears on default FF background for active tabs:

Page media info for new forum shows correct favicon image: https://web.ccpgamescdn.com/forums/img/eve_favicon.ico

All tested Chromium based browsers show favicon correctly (old and new forum tabs):

Of course it’s not a big deal and not top priority, but it may be an indicator of other hidden issue so worth investigating at least.

(FlexiusVII) #2

Vaguely related to first post, but still. Forums are lacking favicon variants for mobile devices. Existing ones (PNGs) are white-on-transparent, which isn’t going to work in Opera (tile has white background), etc. I suggest going with basic “E”, just like the one that serves as default favicon.
The webserver should already have a handful of 404’s for tiles like apple-precomposed-whatever, apple-touch-whatever, etc.
I have 28 different variants generated for my website + standard favicon.ico…:rage: