Small tweaks

Hello, the new forums are nice and most importantly, mobile friendly. I do like the white text on black background style, almost looks like Sublime Text. But there, this stile works because we have different colors for different elements to make it quick to identify stuff. It would be nice to use colors in order to separate elements better, like:

  • using the “hover” color for the username instead of gray would make it easier to differentiate it from the post text
  • to differentiate it even more you could change the username’s font size from 1.14 em to 1 em

The color coding could also be applied to the forums homepage, on desktop is kinda hard to differentiate the latest posts at the moment.

I would have uploaded a small picture with the modifications made in Chrome dev tools, but the Forum says NO.

here it is, the picture i was talking about, I had to upload it somewhere else to post it :confused:

Yep, I think the judicious use of colour-coding to differentiate the forum categories and sub-categories would improve things.

At the moment all the categories are the same shade of blue, except for #feedback.