Multiple feedbacks

(Althalus Stenory) #1


Currently, it’s really dark (darker than old forum) and lacks of contrasts. It looks like a big wall of text with some blue and dark grey.
It’s also a real mess between forum categories, subcategories on the left and big text for latest posts on the right: this really can be improved by reducing font size for posts, darkening a bit also

It’s just too dark. We don’t have IGB anymore, so there’s no need to have a dark/blue theme, also not everyone is at ease with white text/dark background, so a lighter theme would also be easier on our eyes. (old forum was not the best, but at least it’s was not hard for the eyes).


I really feel lost when i come on the forum : really too much categories, and you can’t even distinguish them easily as it’s all text.
Put icons or anything, better separation between categories, but please do something.

Edit: another annoying thing: when you open edit/new post on a page, it’ll open the same on every page you open after, but not updating.
For example: say you start a post, and then you open the forum in another tab, looking for an information or anything, back to your first tab to finish your post and send it. Great you made a post. Now back to the second tab you opened you can create a new post, by accident because the create form is still open.
Please, either make it not to open everywhere, or i don’t know…

Request feature

  • Hiding all categories we don’t care of, because please, i don’t care about languages specific forums, and many others ! (And it add some much useless informations / text on the page)
  • Following a post and get notified (evemail or real mail, i don’t care). Didn’t find it. Also mail notification of our posts if someone replies
  • Custom profile field for tweetfleet name

Goddammit those blue popups that constantly shows up when you write / do anything / anything happens. (<-- written when i started that post, I left it because this is annoying)

And btw @CCP_Avalon :aussiecongaparrot: :aussieparrot::parrotdad: (had to) :wink:

(Odinegras) #2

The forum should really mirror in game ui, i like the categories having symbols like the skills do