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I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I have a lot of difficulty reading some of the forums. I have blue/yellow colour blindness, so I find the blue/grey theme very difficult to navigate. Unless I greatly adjust my screen for the specific purpose, I cannot read certain sections of the screen such as this:

Let alone, this: (on the right):

It’s not nice having to change my screen colours in order to read a basic forum. I hope CCP can check this out and see if there’s anything they can do?

My father was color blind at the other end of the spectrum - red/green. So the fix for your problem would create problems for other people.

The white text on black background is problematic for anyone with aging eyes. Black text on a white background offers higher contrast and better legibility - one thing Reddit got right. But using color for highlights will cause problems for some people no matter what colors you choose.

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Completely understandable, and I get where you’re coming from. I did consider the red/green colour blindness when jotting down my post. Yes, changing the forum colour scheme would only shift the problem to other people. And no, that’s certainly not a solution. I was thinking more along the lines of the ability to choose the colour scheme, kind of like the in-game menu. For example, I struggled with the blue box over black space with white text, but I get on famously with the brown box scheme.

Isn’t that why the usual ‘fix’ is multiple templates that let you set the colours that you’d like to see?

I’ve not looked into it but i thought this forum was based off a ‘standard’ one, so would assume the prereq templates exist already, all that’s required is for CCP to add them/allow them to be used?

This would be the place I’d expect them to appear:

Which is accessible from the “Interfaces” menu (left pane) when looking at your char profile.

Edited into one post:

There is a Forum Feedback & Requests sub-forum where (it seems reasonable) you could request that additional themes be added to the forums to resolve this issue.


I did a bit of searching for a generic way of dealing with issues of this sort. This is stuff I have not vetted nor tested beyond the most minimal degree, but to at least demonstrate it can work in principle, here it is:

This extension is for chrome, but a similar extension may exist for other browsers. It allows folks to override css color schemes to use their preferences. This one also makes selecting elements to alter relatively painless. If it works for you, then it would not only solve your problem on these specific forums, but could potentially work wherever you find pages that are difficult to read on the web, whether the fault lies with one’s eyes or the page designer’s sense of taste.

A hasty example of what the extension does:


Thank you Qia, I’ll check it out. Looks very useful :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for finding that and sharing it

I checked it out and couldn’t figure it out. However, it did inspire me to find a colour blindness extension for Chrome, called Colorblinding. It’s so useful. You simply have to click on the blindness you have (red, green, blue etc) and it adjusts the colour pallet to your needs.

Here’s mine:


The extension I found works most easily for me by right clicking the page over the element I want to change. Sometimes it is a bit fiddly for changing backgrounds, or changes more or less than what you’d expect, but it shows a preview as you edit. I did not mess with it much since I like the color scheme the way it is. I have a nearly legendary love of the color blue and prefer dark backgrounds and light text.

In any case, I’m glad you have found a solution that works for you, and I hope that others with similar issues will find this thread and hopefully solve their own problems a bit more quickly than they otherwise might have.

Edit: I should also mention I had to restart chrome to get stylebot to work at all.

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Not sure about other browsers but Chrome has a plugin for color blind folks, which turns everything automatically to more eye friendly colors

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