Colour Blind Beta mode testing

As a severe colour blind person (red-green-brown and blue-violet-pink), I had to give up playing this game some time ago when the UI changed to use more colourful icons.

I decided to have another look at the game and found a beta colour blind mode listed under the settings, thank you CCP :joy:.

I don’t know how long this mode has been active and have searched the forums for any threads but could not find any both for TQ and SiSi so if there are any please point me to them.

I’m currently testing the modes on SiSi (when I get the chance as I see the Devs must see me log in and shut the cluster down as soon as I do :rofl:).

Some things that might be useful on the drop down selection system.
There are a number of coloured toggable selection boxes at the top, please could you add the colour name to the box as a colour blind person cannot tell what each box represents and has little way of knowing what is being added or subtracted.

While testing in space I noticed the colours of the icons on the pop up box above the round thing (it’s so long since I played I can’t remember what things are called any more) don’t match the bracket colours in space.

Will test more but for a first try CCP it sort of works and I might finally get back to playing Eve again.

The color-blindness mode is also active on Tranquility. I don’t know if CCP added more features on the Sisi version in the meantime, but if not and Sisi is still down, you can test it on TQ as well.

Thanks I did see it on TQ but hanging in space with a target painted on my ship is not a good idea whan you want to fiddle with settings :laughing:.

Also remember I’m still re-learning Eve from the ground up yet again, I’ve even considered setting up a Steam free account just to do the NPE again and find out what has changed.

Regards, EK.

Some more information for anyone reading this thread (in the current climate of change I don’t expect a reply), I’ve now tested this on both TQ and SiSi.

I set the drop down to Deutan and have also turned on the middle two colour blocks (so the blocks read [off-on-on-on-on-off]) this custom set up seems to give me the best visual feedback from the in space brackets.

However there are some problems with the overlay, when selecting an Autopilot route the highlighted icons are extremely faint, for me these icons (also any selected overview item like a station or suchlike), needs to be brighter (a bright yellow would be great), also the background could be a darker shade of grey just to add some oomph visually for the likes of me. It would be really great if we could choose the icon and background colour for just these items or link them to the colour blind settings.

I have no idea if any of this is remotely possible or if you have time but thanks again for trying anyway. The game is becoming playable again for me and I’ve signed up for another year to see how things progress.


Thanks for this feedback - it’s really well thought at and helpful. We’ll be sure to consider your suggestions. If you haven’t already please put some of this is the feedback survey. Glad to hear it’s helping you out and hope we can find even better ways to support you in the future!

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Here is the dev blog announcing the feature. And if you want to know more about EVE features / changes over time, you can page back through past dev blogs by clicking the Dev Blogs sidebar link.

I’m not personally affected, but remember the time when the UI permitted SOME arbitrary color selection via RGB sliders. (Not down to the level of small UI bracket/symbol/icon colors that you are asking.) In the interests of “simplifying” the UI for players and perhaps removing the occasional support ticket if someone set their foreground AND background to 0,0,0 - customization was taken away and replaced with a list of UI color schemes in various shades of darkness. Sadface.

tl;dr: CCP please increase UI color customization options for ALL players :slight_smile:

Just a note to add a bit more information on this subject, I played Eve for around 7 years before the colour changes came in to effect and had to reluctantly give up.

However on re-subscribing I now have the last piece of the puzzle to help my problem, I didn’t know that ‘Alpha’ mode removed all the colour selection presets for all the background, highlight bars, window bars etc.

‘Omega’ mode puts them all back and with a little bit of trial and error I’ve found a pretty good combination that almost covers everything for me (others may have differing results). I still have problems with the route icons on the overview but with the different backgrounds I’ve sort of got it licked.

It’s a pity the colour selector was removed for ‘Alpha’s’ it might help other people like me to find a viable way of playing the game, after all it’s only colour not something that really changes the game.

Anyway enough from me, thanks for the replies, off to re-learn Eve on a Steam account before I bring some of my 30 ships back into play on my ‘real old’ Omega account, fly safe.

A few people have mentioned in the past that the default alpha theme causes issues for colour blindness. We’ve done some testing around this, including getting colour blind users to try out different themes, and could never establish any clear problem with this default theme. Colour blindness is however extremely varied and even within the established types users have extremely varied experiences. It would be really great if those of you on this thread who have found this to be a problem could detail exactly what you find difficult about the alpha default, or how the omega options help?

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