Customized colors

Hello, all. Sorry in advance for the long preface. I recently started playing, and I had gone through the settings to adjust them to my liking before starting. I had forgotten that I turned on a color blindness setting, so the entire time I’ve been playing, I’ve been accustomed to many UI objects and texts being just shades of purple and yellow.

Since I forgot my settings, I thought this was the intended color pallette. Since changing it to normal coloration, I’ve loved some of the changes and hated others. It is easier to see the solar system security status differences, but other colors are hard on my eyes, such as the names of stations in the contract screen, as well as some other items.

Being able to individually colorize these items would be greatly beneficial to some people who have eye strain issues, and could be fun for others who just like to customize. I understand that the color blind setting is in beta, and that splitting coloring between separate items may not be realistic. Still, I’d like to throw in this suggestion in case it could be possible.

Thank you for your time.


A long time ago, you used to be able to custom-design the color of your UI in this game. I have no idea why that got removed in favor of the current system, and should probably be returned for the reasons you outlined alone.

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