NavComAI. - an improved overview for red/green color blind pilots

Hello capsuleers,

I’ve played EVE for a very long time now (15 years! wow! No this is not my ‘first’ account) … Anyways, over those years I have always maintained my own heavily modified overview settings. When CCP released their ‘sharable overviews’ I continued to improve mine through the use of a channel.

As someone who is very red-green color blind, the defaults in EVE have always given me a challenge … Most of the available overview packs use red/green colorblind unfriendly color pallets and choices as well, so I’ve made my own. Now granted, I am not a color blindness scientist – these work for me, they may not work for you

Over the years I have shared this channel with many people in game, and recieved a ton of positive feedback – plenty of players use it as their goto overview or have based their more advanced overviews upon it.

Anyways, after the latest iteration to an 8-tab version, I decided it was time to release this overview to the public… Feel free to use it, share it, plug it, hate it – whatever. fair warining: If you are a jerk in the channel (my criteria) you will be kicked without recourse permanently.

How to use this tool:

  • join in game channel NavComAI. (that’s ‘a-i-dot’)
  • if you are a pro, click the overview links at the bottom. Sarashawa’s (upon which this is based) also provided for useful filter states you can right click to
  • if you are not a pro: read the primer on how to use the tool, located near the top of the page.

Who is the target audience here:

  • if you are a 10 year eve pro who hunts supercaps all day, you are not my target audience as you probably already have a better tool
  • if you are a new player, or someone who ‘just can’t be bothered’ and are still using a limited/crappy overview, you are my target audience
  • people who are red-green color blind and find their overview frustrating (can’t do anything about the 'locked vs agressed timer though, sorry!)

Here’s a rough bullet list of the ‘features’:

  • Tuned for color-blindness; I am red green color blind and have made various color state changes to the defaults to make things easier to see such as:

  • All unknown/neutral player characters have a ‘yellow’ background to make them stand out from non-player objects

  • Red/Blue colors and icon states are more meaningful than the defaults

  • If they are a flashybackground, you can shoot them without incurring the wrath of Concord (there are no flashy states where agression is not permitted)

Other improvements over the game defaults:

  • 3 presets populated with 8 tabs each pruned for use in lowsec PVP situations: this is based on 15 years playing EVE
  • Optimized presets for lowsec PVE missioning (mission objects, player ships and probes, no other clutter)
  • An optimized preset for Incursion running in highsec (because everyone likes making ISK)
  • More optimized presets for just about every situation: looting, hostiles only, hostile drones/fighters for de-fanging efforts
  • More informative and readable ship hover-over floating displays
  • More intelligent overview column layout that only shows meaningful tactical information
  • Many other improvements; all acessible within 3 mouse clicks maximim (fast mode switching in combat to adapt to changing situations)

Special thanks to Sarashawa’s overview, which created the framework this tool is based upon, and the authors of the GARPA tool.



Its an amazing pack for those who are red/green colourblind, would highly recommend



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