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\uggestions from a blind player to make EVE more playable for him and others with visual issues


Jan 22, 2023, 16:25 UTC

Thank you for helping with the cancellation. I will have a sighted person help me with the other tasks.

I have posted suggestions on the forums many times to help players with sight issues play . perhaps you could pass them along to the dev team.

1, offer a no graphics mode. Just a black background and the text, targeting and HUD visible. This includes when docked. The colors and lights are part of what is making it difficult for me to play, and my text to voice converter cant figure out what to do with them.

  1. similar issue. Plants during PI are beautiful, but all that color makes it impossible to find extractor heads or do survey

  2. stop reopening windows that have been closed.

  3. allow mouse resizing and also different pointer options

  4. allow scaling of windows like overview (like UIwinscale) there is currently a UI option but it is limited to 125% and scales the entire UI. 150 or even 200 would be helpful.

  5. simplify claiming rewards process. Soooo many clicks just to log on

  6. same for PI , soooo many clicks and in different locations just to restart extractors. Should be a single click restart with possibly a confirm.

These would significantly extend my play , I have heard this from a number of other players. We are getting older ))

Thank you again

Dorfsorc, leavwiz, purajh, shimanokze , and inselwind

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okay clor blind or

blind as in without normal sight. i see light and dark but cannot read text except with my text to voice converter. however, the varous lights, colors, and graphics make it almost impossible for the TTV to distinguish between readable elements and unreadable graphics.
my condition is retinitis pigmentosa. fairly common , but advanced it removes all peripheral vision, generates extreme sensitivity to variations in light. it also weakens the eye and makes you more susceptible to other eye conditions.

i have been playing EVE for 14 years now but some aspects of the game have become impossible, like PI , exploration (of course) and to a degree even mining. Still i play because i enjoy the depth and being part of a good group of people.

I got no idea what else to say.

I just wanna say I respect the fact you can play such a game blind and wish you the best of life :smile:

We have this one at least, people call it “super potato mode” since it saves your graphics card from doing work.

Also damn I’m only mediocre at this game and I can see fine with my glasses. I can’t imagine literally flying blind.

lets see how many kills he has
leavwiz | Character | zKillboard
he has 40 kills

This obsession with players kill boards by other players is ridiculous.

If this is the only thing that matters to you in game you need to do more.

oh no just wnated to see how good you were at pvp in your case as i stink at pvp so your much better then me

if it really matters, my combat character has 1639 kills. not bad for a blind guy, but then when all you have to do is react to broadcast and hit F1 it isnt as hard as mining. ))


btw ctl shift f9 works to provide the no graphics effect. however i am asking for an option to click as a setting that persists when i log on and off.

It’s an easy way to see how much someone plays and where they’re playing.


Not really, what about industrialists/miners/explorers?

Where would they fit?

My main which I sold recently was subbed for over 10 years with practically no kills, how would that reflect on how long and where I played?

You see their losses.

Obviously it doesn’t work for everybody, but it works for 80% of the player base.

this thread was about making the game easier for some people to play, particularly those with vision disabilities.
can we move off of the pvp vs all other discussions , there are plenty of other threads for that. thanks


Yep of course.

But your best bet would be to either send a support ticket or email ccp direct and ask.

Just be polite and explain the problem, you never know, they may have some advice or a solution/work around for you already.

Good luck.

actually i did that and the gm sent me a link to the csm forums

i do hope something comes of it. some of those requests benefit a braoder range of players

  1. This seems like a significant amount of work, essentially turning a graphics based game into a text based game.

  2. You can play EVE at high levels without ever interacting with PI

  3. If this is happening to you, it’s a bug

  4. As I’ve noted before, the mouse pointer is hard coded into the game, and thus extremely difficult to change. I’ve been advocating this for quite a long time, but we’ve seen no progress on it.

  5. I will see if this is possible

  6. You can turn off the login rewards at start up. The claiming rewards process is literally two clicks (click claim, click redeem)

  7. This is the fundamental problem with PI, and something we’ve been telling everybody about for a while.

Some of these are good ideas, that we’ve brought up before. Some seem like they would require a significant amount of dev time while impacting a very, very small number of players. Not, in my view, the best use of resources.

thanks for your thoughtful respoinse.
potatoe mode works for the graphics in space and in station to a degree it just isnt persistant.
you can change the mouse pointer using thrid party software but it only works in open space and not on any windows
As a former developer, i can tell you that the colorlation of planets starts with a base model that has no assigned colors. they are added based on the coding by planet type. it would be possible for the devs to present a planet mode where the planet is essentially grey. This would solve both the survey issues and the visibility of player items added to the planet.

As to the number of clicks issues. i agree, there is a simpler way to claim rewards, but the issue is a larger one. from login to start play, there are a number of times you must click to either ger rid of an advertising splash screen or to close open windows (yes this is still a problem and not just for me_
the PI example was another one. how about compression, you select compress and it opens a box in space that requires you to click compress again, the ore never moves, but if you want the combox to stip covering part of your screen you have to close it.
i fully understand the idea of compartmentalized code so i know why the box exists, but it is still clumsy and requires more clicking , at the risk of starting another off topic conversation, anyone with more than one miner on the field understands how annoying this is.

Full screen mode allows more scaling than windowed mode. i am not sure why this is the case. The program UI winscale used to work in EVE but now it doesnt seem to . another possible option for scaling specific windows instead of everything.

I am still playing EVE in spite of my personnal issues with the UI because it is still the most interesting game out there. not being able to do PI has impacted my ability to build like i used to , but friends fill that gap. and that is what EVE is all about.,

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I have flown with leavwiz great guy. Sure hope ccp sorts stuff out for people in wiz situation.

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