Eve accessibility for blind users?

Hi, first i’m must explain somthing. I’m totaly blind user so if this discussion have place here already then sorry for spam.
For start i’m wonder is there is there someone like Eve project manager or programmer who can bring suggestions to CCP board ? Becose this game can be blind users friendly with minimal worktime and no other costs. And after marketing can say: New generation free biggest sandbox space mmo game and blind friendly. This last one is real surplus in profits with almost no cost. Just one programmer and little code changes. I’m can be tester and make plan suggestion with what and how to change. This will have not any changes for ordynary users.
So there is question, is CCP wanna upgrade game in this way and get new players ?
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You’re not the first blind player on these forums, I’ve seen others that have tried before. I have no idea how much they succeeded playing the game. I imagine EVE can be played to some degree with a screen reader, but some things will be hard if not impossible to do. But I can imagine that’s true for a lot of things when blind.

A good way to bring suggestions to CCP is to talk to the players that are currently in the Council of Stellar Management (CSM), who frequently talk to CCP about player ideas. Two of them (@Brisc_Rubal and @Mike_Azariah ) can often be found on the forums, so maybe they could take some of your ideas to CCP to make EVE more blind-player friendly.

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Hello, Feel welcome here in the Forum.

Regarding the Blind Behavior or usage for the User, output over Braille should be possible, and i am pretty sure, you can be a part of this game, like producing stuff, or mining.

But i do expect dont see any chances, to get into pvp action, especially fleet fights (even it it firstly sounds good). I am a Programmer too, and i saw the User Interface.

If you got dropped by 20 players, you need to get that information early. What kind of Ships are the enmy flying, what is your ship.

In that time, if you cant see that element, reading it over braille you will always loose time and some momentum of advantage.

To be fair, my ex wife was blind, so i really know, that blind person, want to be part - and as i said, i am pretty sure, analyzing market, producing, transporting etc… could be useful and accessible by blind person. But instant action, i am not sure, that this goal can be achieved.

I wish you the best ingame, and maybe you are looking for a corp ! Just give me a hint !

Cya ingame.

sorry for that bad english, i am not a natural english speaker.

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Hi, i’m not natural english speaker also :] and was a programmer before lost eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes the mining,production,trade is easy to achive for blind players but first is first. The guys before me not achivment alot, starter under windows have not buttons descriptions and button “accept” on user license is even not detectable by screen reader. In game whole space is one directX surface without onEntry event on anything so also undetectable for screen reader. But it’s only need to make in game event mouse over object generate a correct description on application title/descryption from where outside screen reader can catch them and speak laoud. Good for tests is free software with open license, NVDA screen reader, this software is created by world blind community. And will be happy with any cooperation for sure.
At end the action pvp and so, this only need a good communications created from experience from game and good sets of shortucs on keyboard. Like on end warp say “warp out 5 hostille targets” then fast shortuc for recognize them to or start fight or escape. If communicates will be short and give max information blind people can also have fun from PvP. And trust me we are very motivated or not go out from bed :stuck_out_tongue: But first is first we need make CCP to make game send some text outside game first to catch by NVDA. Next we can think to get better.

Ah, for motivate CCP board the blind community is around 100 000 active using computers very scrupular and have a lot free time peeople. So if CCP make first move and talko to NVDA team i’m sure NVDA author make partnership banner on own website for litlle % what blinds users spend into game so Eve get new players+profits, NVDA team get some $ for continue project as free software and at last blind people get new reason for get out friom bed everyday :stuck_out_tongue:

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