Accessible for blind player

Hi, I was an experienced Eve player before losing my vision several years ago. I would love to access my characters and play again. I have learned to use JAWS and NVDA screen readers and would like to know if Eve is compatible and if there are others visually impaired players.


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It sounds nice, but I can’t see that happening. I’ve developed for JAWS and I think it’s just too linear for the input that comes in EvE. Even if you could basically use one overview tab as your input (something JAWS would handle well) there would still be the question of how to interact with everything without visual placement of the mouse. I think before you can really do much with JAWS you have to first be able to do everything with a keyboard.

Personally, I would like it if EvE were much more playable without a mouse and only a keyboard, but I fear this might be considered bad in how it could be exploited by bots and macros. I used to play another MMO (that you wouldn’t have imagined it possible) without a mouse and only a keyboard, but EvE really doesn’t lead itself to this.

That being said, I support possible changes by CCP to support mouse-less and play for the visually impaired.

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Thank you Anjyl, I appreciate your info. I know Eve is very visually oriented and the graphics were a big draw for me when I was sighted. I will continue to be patient and maybe someday … :slight_smile:

Your very welcome. I’m not so concerned with the visually oriented part, sometimes I turn on nice graphics and look at the pretty space, but most of the time everything is covered with windows and overviews. It’s more the idea that the mouse input is the restriction (which requires the visual part) and that important data is not presented linearly, which is almost a requirement for a screen reader.

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Technically the game can be played without a mouse; it has a robust keyboard shortcut schema, and there are voice-based controllers, and maybe even the typical voice recognition software would be able to handle orders like F1 F2 etc.

And as far as support, you’d just need a program that can read the combat log, literally because that tells you everything, verbose.
Well, maybe also read the list of ships that appears in the Overview.
And the list of players in local.
And what’s in the various inventories / hangars, when set up in list view.
And the market prices.
And somehow interact with the map.

Anyway, only CCP can make the decision to code and offer support for the above, so my only suggestion is to create a ticket for them. I guess they’ll see your post here, maybe even move it to the Ideas forum.

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This is true for things accessible via a left click (or radial menu), but not anything from a right-click. So you could orbit without a mouse, but you could never change your orbit distance, or pick anything other than the default. (for example)

This is the main problem, 20 things in the overview, the one that needs your attention is the 12th one, a screen reader like JAWS couldn’t get you the information before you’re in your pod, or clone bay.

Yep, it should be there. Maybe @CCP_Falcon will move it when he sees it.

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I’ve moved thread to the Player Features & Ideas section

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