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I only recently found this poist
Anayis Portoian


Jan 17

Hi, I was an experienced Eve player before losing my vision several years ago. I would love to access my characters and play again. I have learned to use JAWS and NVDA screen readers and would like to know if Eve is compatible and if there are others visually impaired players.


the responses he got were basically that it cant be done then it spiraled off into posts about not having to use a mouse.

For what its worth, I am blind. I have played EVE for almost 10 years using text to voice converters and a lot of macros. so it can be done. EVE is about thinking and organizing your skills/.equipment in such a way that you can be successful. There are many aspects of EVE that would challenge people with certain disabilities, but there are also many aspects that you will find satisfying.
The availability of software and modular keyboards or multifunction mouse boards can be adapted to an amazing range of disabilities.
IF you are reading (or hearing) this, just know that EVE can still be your game. To the corps out there leary of a player with a different way of playing, keep in mind that we work very hard to be useful and successful. Patience works .
I hope this wall of text helps


I assume you are aware of these types of events: https://www.eveonline.com/article/eveathon-an-incredible-community-initiative

EVE online has a fantastic community and I’m very proud of how they support these charities.

I have always found the limits to font enlargment to be a problem…in the setting you can increase it, but only to a still hard to read level.

indeed, I was able to talk to the able gamer guys at EVE las vegas last year. Before EVE I was on the SOE (sony) community board and was a panel leader at SOE live events. Frankly EVE has shown more of a direct connection to this player base,

about fonts… they suck for sight impaired people… I tried winscale UI to redo some of the sections on the screen back when I had more useful sight. but even then , the style of font is hard to read. It also helps to use gaming glasses like the Gunnar series to increase the contrast and minimize the screen “blue” emissions.

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