New Launcher And Colorblindness

The new color scheme of the launcher appears to be grayed out buttons;

This was really frustrating as a colorblind person, particularly coming from the former more obvious and colorblind friendly yellow buttons. I almost reinstalled the game because I thought it lagged out or broke as I saw it relaunch with the recent update.

I would like to remind the developers that 6-8% of all males are colorblind; the launcher showcases how completely tone-deaf the developers of EVE are of this fact.

You, we can do better.


EDIT: Added launcher image.
EDIT 2: I am blown away that this post garnered this much attention. I would take this opportunity to help educate both players and the developers of Eve on colorblindness.

Below is a link to the content of several posts I have made explaining the gist of how colorblindness works (As I am new to these new Eve forums I am only able to post 2 links, please see the linked reddit post I made for all the relevant links, they will aid understanding better):

Here are posts I made explaining the gist of deficient color vision for those that don’t understand it:


What do you mean? What are you showing me? Those look gray to me.

Thats how he is seing these buttons…top light
But in that pic lights on… when he see these on his ligin screen. He saw these gary on gray and not that much shining like traffic light

Another Design/QA failure - Color coordination and testing for color melding has not been CCP’s strong suit in this game. Many times the daily login popup’s weekly event theme has bled out the “# Days Remaining” so it can not even be read because it blends with the background, and the game itself has many glaring color blends and contrasts that the color controls have little or no impact on.

These issues get reported daily, but as with so many of their other design failures CCP continues to ignore it

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The launcher colors were green, but to you they were probably yellow last time. Now they are a teal like color, assuming they are changing it every quadrant. @CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Aurora @CCP_Explorer


I’m struggling with the teal , I’m only slightly colour blind , I don’t see greens as they should be apparently.


Same here.

They’re greyish teal.

Luckily you don’t need colour to tell the difference between the play (triangle pointing right) and the stop (square) versions of the button, so even a colourblind person could tell the difference.


I will say OP could have worded his post differently, but I do wish yall would stop throwing the R word around.

Colourblind- launcher issue came t forums before too… this is not the first time.
There are colours DEV can pick and both normal and colorblinds can see . Not a rocket science .
It is al about pick x instead of y and result everybody can enjoy the colours
Current choice is CCP picks what they pleased so %8 percent player base cant enjoy it because they cant see it .
@Han_Zealot here is my 2 cent on CCP… also they dont see language shaming as harassment i think

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I highly doubt ccp is going to go out of their way to shove a stick at players with any kind of disabilities. While one, they do have to make it enjoyable as much as possible, you cannot make a game that is going to be perfect for every person or cater to every kind of disability out there.

Especially when it comes to colorblindness, there are varying degrees and one color blind person, may not be the color blind as the next.


I did not say CCP show stick to different disabilities… but clearly doesnt bother if someone harass other with their disability .

Also … picking suitable colour is not a rocket science as i mentioned before… i had friend who had this disability and when we playing eve when i decribe something that i remember the tone his voice and frustration “ Blue ! I can noot see this that doesnt mean anything to me “… i hear the frustration in his voice that was first time i learn his struggle

in the big push for EVE to be prettier or more beautiful they have not considered how colors affect interaction with screen activity. the most difficult area is the planet displays in planetary interaction. the brilliant lava planets and the blue gas planets make it almost impossible to find your extractors and links or perform surveys for best escavation locations. there needs to be a flat planet view for interacton

Here there are colours - tones CCP use and everybody enjoy

Want to make sure the viz you designed is colorblind-friendly? In addition to a number of online colorblind simulators, there’s also a plug-in for that. The Chrome plug-in “NoCoffee” will simulate all types of CVD right in your browser, including your visualizations hosted on Tableau Public or Tableau Server. Try using the NoCoffee browser plug-in for an entire day, and you’ll be amazed at what the world looks like to someone with CVD. For images of your visualization without a browser, try this chromatic vision simulator. I would like to thank Maureen Stonefor the valuable review, input, and suggestions for this post. For more tips, ideas, and vizzes by Jeffrey Shaffer, check out his Tableau Public page and his blog. You can also connect with him on Twitter @HighVizAbility.

I would pay to get permanent white/gray version. Instead of silly color changing each quadrant.

Each change gives me confusion for some time. So I somewhat have idea that it also confuse colorblind people. But as being said already. You don’t need colors to distinguish play button from stop button.

edit: Ugh… I instantly regret that one

I don’t want them to start messing with P.I at all. It’s not perfect but knowing CCP’s history of “fixing” things, it’ll get even more messed up. The way it is now is perfectly workable.
I have lava planet among others and I have no problem finding or seeing everything I can place on it.
And a WHAT? Flat planet view?? Yuuuuk! No.

While I sympathize with the difficulties of being colorblind, at the same time, I don’t sympathize with your proposal to outlaw teal. I happen to like the color.