New Launcher And Colorblindness

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras , @Aiko_Danuja thanks for proof my point .

Mining lasers should be able to do targetted damage to modules and you should be able to put a primed bomb in a jetcan that explodes when you open it.


maybe i am color blind too. the launcher doesn’t look like teal to me. it looks like a faint cyan.

Nah its more of a duckegg aqua with a hint of satin


Nobody cares that some people see grey buttons on the launcher, as evidenced by: this thread.

Funny you should say that but I have to look closer , my colour problem is making it harder to tell,if you get what I mean.

Never thought it could do that

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you made me somehow curious… i never looked at the color of the buttons actively… what information do they carry that vanishes when you see a different color?

Ok, so im not sure how the two are connected, between the launcher and the site, but the site is teal as well… so maybe whoever is changing the site, changes the launcher as well, or vice versa…

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Its taking all my will not to criticise your use of benign.

But for you, I will hold back.

Uggh god it hurts tho.

Why was this flagged?


I’m always willing to learn and take constructive criticism.

PS: Especially if the criticism comes from you, @Ramona_McCandless. You’re an intelligent person and very witty and just reading your posts have taught me quite a few things already and not just about a language. Always a pleasure to read you.


I don’t know how I would feel if I lose my colour see. I am a very visual person … and being blind is one of my fears. if I see everything grey tones… I don’t know if I do still enjoy life as much as before…

TV was black and white and one channel when I was kid…
There is a reason every year sharper more vivid colour more x more z TV models coming to market with new tech.
OP s doesn’t wish for a horse and donkey. ( cost , transport , effort )
He just asked to click the one on the right in palet instead of one mm on the left.

SO he can SEE and enjoy the colour too.

IT hurts more because itts so easy so small so little effort to make happy some %10

I dont think it makes him that much resentful if it was really hard to do very costly and a lot of energy… then maybe he thinks IT is oook! like in danish "pyt med det "! never mind it…


Alternatively, why should the Devs spend time on an issue that affects 6-8% of the total male population, only a small fraction of which will ever play Eve?


You mean the same devs who made a customizable colorblind mode that’s in the game settings? Dunno, @Roland_Schlosser …maybe you should ask them.

Also, why do societies waste engineer and builder time making wheelchair ramps and braille on elevators and such? Only a small fraction of a population ever uses them.


And that small fraction already has ways to circumvent the issue as the different shape of the buttons is still distinguishable even if the colour isn’t.

Thank you thats very kind of you to say.

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Yeah Ive been trying to get that to happen myself for a while, but I think one of the ISDs secretly fancies me.

Hint its not Bahamut.

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@Ramona_McCandless who says it isnt me? :upside_down_face:


Because I dont subscribe to the “he must fancy you if he pulls your pigtails” fallacy :stuck_out_tongue:

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What color pigtails?

Red, blonde, or Other shades of gray?

–Gadget Longstocking