Old Forum Color Scheme Option Needed

The lighter gray background and warmer orange links of the old forums are way easier on the eyes CCP. It would go a long way if you could give us some color scheme options in that regard.

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It is unlikely that orange will make a comeback on these forums, unless our designers have a change of heart. :slight_smile:

We did an iteration on the background colors today, and lightened it half way to where the old forums are. We may consider further changes if necessary. :aura:

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Thanks for the response. I don’t know how involved color scheme options would be, but I really feel strongly that the contrast ratio between the text and the lighter gray background on the older forums was spot on. I’d love to see the gray bumped up a little more, but I appreciate your information about the design decisions. I’d say the warmer colors can’t be underestimated in improving readability, because from my experience it helps me more quickly distinguish UI elements.

Lighter orange is more visible than blue on gray. Why designers are trying to change already established color scheme that was working for many years even in EVE?