Forum & game custom colour display settings

would it be possible to be able to customize the forums an they’re lay out, specifically the colour schemes.

this is much more of a personal request, as reading the forums is giving me eye strain these days and the white text on black background is basically the issue, if there’s a way I can edit the colour’s I could read more posts.

this would also be nice for the text in game, being able to select change the colour’s of the UI, Local / Corp chats and market windows, being able to read the text in game without getting eye strain would be pretty awesome.

I have a possible solution for you, as a stop gap. You can set the windows magnifier to 100%, then to a docked window off to the side, and select invert colours. Not ideal but a quick way to invert text.

For browsers (and thus the forums) you can use Dark Reader (for Firefox or Chrome), which also has a light mode.

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thank you both for the tips, i’ll have to poke around in windows later to invert the colours, hopefully i can do it on a specific web browser and not the whole screen.

i’ll also have to look for the light mode, I already poked around the settings for chrome before posting and can’t find it, but i’ll keep looking for it and search for a possible extentsion.

unfortunately my eye strain is caused by bright text on dark backgrounds, while exploring the shadowrun and warhammer fantasy fanwiki pages i would get eye strain too.

however this does cause problems for me playing EVE when reading local, skills, the markets… you get the idea.

finally found the extension, this light mode works pretty well for what i need RN. its a shame it inverts all the colours for the website graphics though


it looks a little psychedelic tbf.

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bumped this over to Forum Feedback & Requests - EVE Online Forums

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still would like to see some possible options for game play though if thats at all possible

Doubt youll see much color changes as different font colors are reserved for ccp and co.

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