Very dark theme

Is there a way to make the theme less dark? Maybe it’s my old monitor or the color settings, but I find it very hard to read white on black.


Temporary fix: ctrl + a

@CCP_Avalon may be of interest with this?


This is a howto for the admins to allow users to select different themes. :slight_smile: It’s not available for me
There’s nothing in the preferences either. At least I can’t find it

that’s why I tagged CCP Avalon on it :smiley:

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I see. That’s almost like github! Nice

I would love to see a light color theme, or at least something in-between. Light-on-dark color schemes tend to strain my eyes.

Light theme would be nice to have. Or at least remove it from the discobot tutorial if that’s possible, since it specifically tells you there’s a light and dark theme at the beginning of the advanced tutorial.

Definitely worth exploring, had noticed the functionality but hadn’t put any powder into getting it done. :slight_smile:

I will look into this with @CCP_Falcon and our web designer (CCP Señor Coconut)


Definitely finding the extreme dark with white text to be difficult for these old eyes of mine to read, mainly probably because of the high resolution of my monitor which makes the text relative small. Not really interested in zooming in in my browser as that seems to affect all other sites as well and is annoying for other “larger format” sites. Would prefer the ability to select a less contrasty background color, some shade of gray maybe.

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This actually shouldn’t be a problem with an up-to-date browser anymore. At least Firefox remembers zoom level per site

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I’m using Chrome most of the time, but I’ll check it. I seem to recall it was an issue for some other site I zoomed in on.

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it’s not bad as is. could be a little lighter or have a second option for those that want it to look less like a gaming site for … work reasons

I feel you. Back then, it was really a pain. Eve Forums always had a too tiny font

Yeah a little less high contrast font would probably do it if CCP wants to stick to such a dark theme.

Agreed, I would prefer a lightgrey background with black text. EVE Forums have been a nightmare to read since I started in 2008.

At least I hope they give the users the option. We can change the SKIN of our ships, why not that of the forum? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just looked over to Discord, and they use a dark colour background with grey text. That is also quite a easy to read combo. :slight_smile:

Just 245 PLEX!!

We made the background lighter earlier today, half way from where we were, and to the old forums.

Hopefully it’s less painful for you to read now; but take a look over it and let me know if you feel further adjustment is required. Later on we may also consider providing a light (black-on-white) theme. But not this day.


Thank you very much. It’s much better now.

@CCP_Avalon Why do you mark things as solved when you are not OP?

Now much easier on the eyes, I still think you should give the users a little more control on this, but at least it doesn’t feel like my eyes are being scorched out. :smiley: