Very dark theme

what do people think of this?

it really works, i use solarized fonts every day.

I like the dark theme at night, but it is hard to use on Cellphone in the light. Now if you could get the in-game browser working again it might actually be something…

We still need a light option. Grimdark be damned, having usability options on a forum is more important than maintaining a theme. One of the primary reasons I prefer /r/eve over the official forums is because the light-on-dark of the forums plays havoc with my eyes and vision.

If nothing else, allow us to use custom themes. The onus will be on the user for any theme-related issues, then, instead of CCP.

In the dark we live, dark is good :busts_in_silhouette: (in new tab)


That will load default Discourse light theme temporarily for the tab.