Favorite items system and info window "Notes" tab

This idea stems primarily from me having to use the ingame notepad to keep track of items and blueprints that i need and to write small tidbits of info (or other less elegant methods). It’s hard to organize and to update.

I’ve split it in two parts:

1. A favorites system similar to bookmarks for locations.
I would love to have the ability to just right click an item and add it to “Favorites”. A star or checkbox could also appear in the info window of the item that allows you add/remove the item from the list.

The Favorites window could function similarly to bookmarks with folders and maybe add filters. This could also be expanded to much more than just items.

2. The Info Window should get a “Notes” tab
It’s to allow you to take notes similarly to how you can for players. This way i can easily write things like where i can find them, who sells, what price i bought them on a certain day and many other things that i might want.

What do you think? Would you want something like this? Maybe write a few improvements to this idea.

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