Right-Click Menu: Citadel Favorites

Pretty simple idea, but there are a lot of citadels in some systems and it would be great to be able to mark specific ones as “favorites” so they show up in a separate option to make them easier to find.

Bookmarks and Bookmark folders are already a thing :slight_smile:

One trick I’ve learned after coming back to the game is to group your people and places window with your overview, so you can just “tab to it” when you want to head over to your favorite docking spot.

Afterwards, you just have to organize your bookmarkers properly, like keeping them sorted by constelation, system, etc.

Your bookmark list also shows up in the right click menu in space, under locations, but if you have many of them, it’s easier to use the people and places window.

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bookmark and then press L for the bookmark window.

I realize bookmarks are a thing, however having it as a structure you can choose from the right click menu is more convenient.

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