Feature Request - Daily Login Rewards Expire at Downtime

It would be convenient if the daily login rewards like boosters don’t expire until the next downtime after 7 days. It would be easier to time their usage if they had consistent expiry time, instead of whatever time I happened to log in a week ago. Small quality of life change.

I like to keep boosters ready in the rewards queue for “oh crap” moments. If I still have one on its last day, I will pop it if I’m logged in. It is a small increase, but then I don’t have to plan my RL day around a free booster in EVE :sweat_smile:

An alternative feature would be to add a rotating booster storage that doesn’t expire. The boosters are only lost if you receive one from the daily rewards and you already have 3 or something. Gives us more choice and another way to optimize their use.

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