Feature Request: Landed Title System

Is it possible to include some sort of title system which is handed to players by the each faction depending on how effective or active a player is involved in faction warfare? Maybe even mission running? Or amount of mining? Or industry generation? In essence, it could be some sort of leaderboard that also weaves Eve lore and landed titles to the game.

Potentially it could be a ranking system for each faction where players “faction war score” yields a title like “Amar God Emperor”. The title could potentially include some small buff which could also encourage players to pursue the titles.

There could be various titles as well depending on where players land on the ladder: such as, “Amarr Ensalver”, “Amarr Crusader”, “Minmitar Freeman”, “Minmitar Rebel”, etc.

The titles should be handed to the top 500 players of their respective fields. I believe it will create more competition for specific titles. And create more content with some of the available systems like faction warfare.

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Not a bad idea but needs to be done right and not feel cheap like the current FW decorations which are just based on standings.

Should probably open up new opportunities depending on the decoration. For example highly decorated players should get access to various intel. For example info like “Who plexed the most in this system for the opposing faction and when” in the last 24 hours, week, etc.

Would be nice if we could tie this into our ship aesthetics as well…

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