How to make the factions more different

Maybe each faction should have a unique bonus to gameplay.

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Each faction’s ships have unique bonuses relating to different play styles. I think the way it’s set up is so that players don’t have to pick a specific race to do something, instead being able to branch out and do whatever

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amarr have armour and holy laser, caldari are slow shields, gallente have hull and drones, minmatar sexually identify as iron oxid asteroid.

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On the bright side, minmatar pilots can start throwing parts of their ships at their target once they run out of ammo


In general principle I agree with making the characters more restricted by their faction.

But, the devil will be in the details of setting such a patch up.

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I think the faction differences are fine.

What irks me is the standings system. Get rid of it.

If you shoot - and kill - NPCs (or players) of an opposing faction, it’s right that you should be rewarded with a scaled bounty pay-out rather than punished with a drawn-out-of-thin-air standings hit.

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@Sasha_Nemtsov my friend was asking me about this last month. They wanted to know why a pirate who joins the Angel faction loses standing across all factions. Angel should align with the Amarrians and have no effect on the player’s standings. The Minmatar Republic should drop the most since they are hitting them the hardest.

Factions and standings are both askew. Rookie chat has new players asking “Which faction is the best?” and when the answer is none or all, we have to explain, the only reason people mostly choose Caldari is the known Jita trade hub is nearby. People seem to like the look of Amarr ships but the stats of Caldari ships, which has nothing at all to do with the pilot.

It is always difficult to change the institutions and this is why change is too slow. After 20+ years, I doubt there will be any change at all. WYSIWYG