Still accepting pilots to help defend Null sec. Come talk to us at F-OFF NOW

So, I’m literally here against my will because my director told me to bump this post. So uh, we are recruiting still, and um I guess we have a pretty cool thing going on here in 0.0 Come check us out in game, who ever beats me in a rap battle during the interview I’ll give you some dank ISK.

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one of us

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If you are looking for a pvp home. Then come talk with us at F-OFF NOW. We are located in nullsec

one of us bumb bumby

Pew pew. Come get some.

Come pew pew with us. Join the family and become one of us!!!

so i legit had this whole thing thought out about joining us. but i totally forgot what i was going to say. but uh, we are probably the most professional unqualified pvp corps out in eve. uhhh, we are in VINDICTIVE. you might have heard us on reddit, we got like over 100+ posts so that was cool. and uh, we have a minecraft server. hit us up!

join us do it NOW!

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We be doing things in Nullsec. Come talk to us to find out more.

we have cookies!

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