Federation of Freedom Fighters- USTZ PvP Corp


BUMPP cause I needed 5 characters.

this has been a shamless BUMP

We have content 24/7 here in Vale of the Silent.

If you want in on these non-TIDI fleets then come y’all to us in our in game channelF-OFF NOW or contact me via in game or thru Discord.

Justin Starr STARR#8251

And another one

Looking for more PvP pilots to join us in Nullsec.

Contact me in game or through Discord

Justin Starr STARR#8251 <—- Discord ID

bump bump and away

Great group of guys!

To the top we go!

the tippy top

How you doin?

Pew Pew is what we do.

Come join

10/10 The dining is an unreal experience.

After years of searching for the right place I’ve found it.

No Mega Blocs
No Krab mentality
Corp sets goals and everyone works together to achieve them
Good FC’s
10/10 True Team of Individuals

hop to the top

Bump for the bump gods

you guys got a discord link?


Here you go https://discord.gg/8gQpZW9

Looking for some EU bro’s for Pew Pew

BOOMP :parrot:

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