Federation Star Invention - recruiting new and experienced pilots

Federation Star Invention (FS-I) is looking for new and experienced pilots to join our ranks.
We are a small corporation dealing with exploration, production, mining, PvE missions of all sorts, wormhole runs and many many more (even PvP).
Among our members you can find both those that started their adventure in the year 2003 as well as young capsuleers looking for their place in space.

Our goal is to work together and progress faster - strength in numbers, as they say. Flying alone could be fun, but not everything can be achieved solo, right?
All FS-I members help each other and respect things You’d like to do. We know that EVE is only a game, Real Life is most important.

If You’d like to join a bunch of friendly, multinational spacers enjoying their time - seek no further!
Discord communication is required but not essential - even if You’re more of a listener than a talker.
English is not the native language of most members but it sure helps a lot.

Our TimeZone is CET +1/+2

Safe travels and good hunting, fellow capsuleers! O7

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