Feeding Frenzy. - Recruiting Small Gang PvP Enthusiasts

We are a small group of dedicated pilots who enjoy playing EVE together.
We believe in respect; towards our friends and adversaries.
We believe in positivity; in our group and through the games we
We believe in self-improvement; both at a player and human level.
We believe in having fun; enjoying our hobby time is crucial.

We are based out of Thera (XIII - The Sanctuary Applied Gravitation Laboratory).
We recruit both new and experienced players as long as they fit with our vision and values.
We embrace a lack of blues and aggressively engage anything and anyone that looks like a potentially good fight.
We use the loot from our fleets to compensate for losses and fill our corp hangars with free ships for our members.
We organise regular PvP gangs (Mon/Wed @ 18:00 EVE) from Thera to enable our members to fit EVE into their busy life schedules. These are not mandatory.

We’ve got a recruitment form if you’re interested, for questions find us in our Discord or ingame channel Feeding Friends

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