Fellowship of Loki - new players - EU - highsec/lowsec


(Scopique) #1

we are a small band of players who like to group up for missions and combat sites in high- and lowsec. While in fleets we work on improving ship fittings and tactics which work not only in PVE, but also in PVP. This way we want to prepare for the upcoming resource wars, and also the new pirate Forward Operating Bases which will be released in the upcoming Liveblood expansion on October 24.

For our PVP needs we have several lowsec entry systems very close by, and we also like to join Spectre Fleet public PVP events which often start just a few jumps away from where we live.

We suport new players with guiding hands, a friendly and job/family compatible atmosphere, skill and fitting advice, free skillbooks, a replacement program for lost ships, loot and ore buyback service, and more.

We live close to Amarr, one of the main trade systems. Here we have access to level 1-4 missions, ore and ice, easy lowsec access, and several corporation offices (no, there is nothing worth stealing).

We are looking for players who

  • are active in EU-timezones (late afternoon / evening server time)
  • have a good dose of humor
  • are curious and creative
  • are interested in teamwork
  • are able to understand and speak english
  • don’t expect to be entertained 24/7

No minimum skillpoints or time commitment needed.

Contact Scopique ingame or reply here, we are looking forward to flying with you! :slight_smile:

(Scopique) #2

We’re still looking for more!

(Scopique) #3

Another update, still looking for more

(Scopique) #4

We are still looking for new pilots!