Sons of Bane is recruiting - NPC Nullsec EU TZ Station Lords

We want to expand our community and we are looking for small corporations from the european timezone to join us.

We are a laid back community with some german speaking people in I0AB in the region of Syndicate. We are one of the oldest alliance in this region and well connected with alliances around us. The infrastructure is fully installed, including the good moons, and we can offer all sorts of pvp and pve content. It takes only one jump with the JF to get to highsec.

We are looking for one or two small groups, e.g. corporations with 4-8 active players, who want to enjoy the freedom of npc nullsec with us. You have to be able to engage in english. We welcome people from high- or lowsec with low experience in pvp who want to make the transition to nullsec.

For any further questions contact Seth Kanan or Brutus Voss.

We joining them a year ago and learn a lot of stuff about nullsec and pvp and improve our Economy Skills, the Network down there is working. There possibilties for other timezones ok early birds :wink:

We looking forward to sizeup our Community

We are still recruiting. We provide fun and the high ISK mining. Forget about these dirty holes or the cheap highsec belts and come to us for the real experience. #realspace #nowhplz

recruiting is still active!!!

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