Fiction.- Open to old and new players

Fiction is a newbie/alpha friendly corporation with a casual & social atmosphere where real life always comes first! We are part of BlackRose a nullsec sov holding PvP oriented alliance part of FI.RE Coalition.

We have over 1,600+ members in EU, US, and AU timezones! We do everything from moon mining & capital ship construction to covert ops & large scale fleets!

We offer the following:

✿ Active, social, laid back, & drama free environment
✿ No blue donut, PvP almost anywhere in EVE
✿ New player training & mentorship
✿ R64 & R32 moon mining fleets
✿ Daily mining fleets w/ boosts
✿ Nullsec angel space ratting
✿ Weekly drunken roams
✿ Daily small scale PvP
✿ Large scale coalition PvP
✿ FC Training

Pop into our pub channel in game and have a chat : Fiction Pub

Recruitment is open

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