Fiction. - PvP Oriented, Newbie Friendly!

We are a PvP oriented and newbie friendly corporation where real life always comes first! We are part of BlackRose, a nullsec sov holding PvP alliance who are in coalition with and Fire.

We are a 24hr corp with members from all TZ’s and fleets right round the clock

We have some fantastic space, packed with quality moons, ice fields and high reward ratting.
Fiction offers 100% SRP for Skirmish fleets supporting our FC’s and importantly our defenders.

We offer training for Skirmish FC’s and to train for larger fleets.

We have great moons with R64’s to pad your wallets.

To join please look up fiction. ingame.

for user guides on getting started

We look forward to your application



Still recruiting, nulls newbro corp with the best space.

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