Fiction - PvP Oriented, Newbie Friendly!

Fiction is PvP focused, newbie friendly corporation with a casual & social atmosphere where real life always comes first! We are part of BlackRose a nullsec based, PvP oriented alliance.

We have over 700+ members with 80+ online in both EU & US prime time. We participate in everything from mining & PvE to covert ops and wormhole space.

We offer the following:

✹ Daily PvE and PvP fleets
✹ 90% Jita everything buyback
✹ Hauling service to nullsec from Dodixie and Jita
✹ Strong industry division
✹ Experienced & diverse leadership
✹ Weekly drunken roams

Apply in-game and a recruiter will accept you as soon as one has the chance to review your application, we look forward to flying with you!

Contact us through
Fiction Pub (In-game chat channel)
BlackRose Discord (Linked below)


Fiction is still recruiting.

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Fiction is still recruiting.

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Recruitment is still open!

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Still recruiting!

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We are growing like mad and still recruiting!

We are scramming and jamming along. Join today!

Swarming through low throwing forks and knifes out the window of a pleb fit T1 at blinged out vets. Join the malformed blob of unaligned ships and welp with us.

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Your discord link seems to have expired. Have questions, want to check it out.

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Fixed :slight_smile:

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I assure you, we’re RECRUITING!

We passed 600 members today! That’s not fake news.

Lots shaking up. Definitely R E C R U I T I N G

Still recruiting! We are now in nullsec.

Recruitment is open!

Fiction is recruiting!

Recruiting both players and corporations for nullsec! Contact us in-game at Fiction Pub for more info!