Fight Against Boredom - Null Sec/WH Looking for new and returning players

Fight Against Boredom is a new player friendly corp with a focus on the person rather than their SP.

We are currently recruiting:
People that want to play the game with us, whether it is PVE, Mining or PVP, albeit as long as you have a focus towards PVP content and make an active effort to join in with Corp/Coalition content.

What we can offer>

  • Large and small scale fleet battles
  • Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
  • Null sec PVE space
  • Group Wormhole Spelunking
  • Exploration
  • Shared Knowledge and Experience

Be active within the corp
Be able to be active on Comms for pvp (discord)

Ingame Channel:
“Fight Against Boredom Recruitment” or “FAB Pub”

Recruitment Is still open

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