Figure Out Whose Drone is on Grid

If I see a drone that’s active on grid, is there a way to figure out who the pilot is? I’ve tried targeting but I don’t see a portrait of the player. I’ve tried asking in the help channels, but people keep teling me to use the info window, which only gives me a generic information about the kind of drone (mining drone I, vespa I, infiltrator-td 600…) and not the owner.

You can tell whether they’re allied drones, enemy drones, neutral drones or drones from someone in your fleet based on the colour of the icon.

Also you can tell whether it’s your drone or not, by clicking ‘reconnect to lost drones’.

That’s all you can see. So if no one claims the drones as theirs, just scoop them and sell them. Free ISK!


And you can see what corp and alliance the drones belong to.

If there’s nobody around, I just scoop them to my cargo hold. Free drones are the best kind.

This was possible a few years back iirc, but got removed in some patch, don’t know when. Now you only can figure out what was mentioned here before.

I think they should let us see the owner if we target :disappointed:

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