Make drone's/container's owner's name and time-to-dissappear visible

Here you can see that I found some drones that owned by someone who have good standing on me (one of my friends).
When we talk about “hornet I” - ok - that’s a cheap one and have no to talk about.
But what if I’ll find some number of ‘augmented’ drones with same sign (meaning they are owned by someone with good standing towards me) - why not to try to return drones to the owner?

But there’s no any way to see who is owner of a drone in the game. that looks ridiculous as I can see that drone’s owner have good standing to me (meaning there’s some analysis who is drone’s owner exists) but I can’t see who exactly is that.

About containers (yellow one) - that would be good to see who is the owner (and time to disappear) of the container to analyze is that some gank-guy placed or that’s random placed or long-time flew container who nobody will miss about (and gank you near it) and how many time you have to “realize” will you steal it or not.

This is… not in the spirit of EVE :neutral_face:

If I remember correctly, then if you open the info window of the drones you can see an icon of the owner, and if you click the icon you can see the owner details. I may be wrong.

True or not - it’s kind of weird that you’d want to return them. I mean, really, really, really weird.

Archer is correct - right-click on a wreck or drone or whatever and access the object’s show info, which will have pilot data associated via a thumbnail picture to the right of the object thumbnail.

Sorry to the miners in Sortet that I freaked out with my combat scanner probes looking for yellow wrecks to verify this with XD

Did you try it before writing it? No any drone’s pilot info present there.

It is possible the info gets stripped due to some kind of condition is satisfied (log off? timer? leave system?)

:facepalm: And maybe you wont write just to write and post some example where you see such information present?

I checked a wreck before posting - I didn’t happen to come cross a recently abandoned drone, but my recollection of the last drone from a corpmate had been that it had data at the time I retrieved it to pass off to them. It’s possible that data decays, which wouldn’t have been something obvious when I checked it. The wreck was quite recent, and the pilot still online.

Yep, my bad. wrecks and containers have pilot info information (however don’t have expire time I telling about too @topic).
And drones does not have any such info.

Even active ones.

Weird, could have sworn I’d seen pilot info on drones, too. I can’t imagine why they don’t have it. Worth a feature suggestion.

Perhaps this should be a feature request? Add this info to drones?

(Also - why is this thread in Assembly Hall? Doesn’t belong here)

Hmmm… Support tells it is exactly where it have to be.
Archer. I really don’t see ANY benefits from your messages. Could you please write something useful or be silent.

I appreciate the offer, but I’m okay with the way things are :+1:

Your passive aggressiveness and pouting and pent up frustration suggest things aren’t going well in your life. Do you need someone to talk to? Do you need a friend? I’m here for you! Send me an EVEmail and we can talk about things over some cookies and warm milk. Together, we can get through this! #TheBestShipIsTheFriendShip :shipitparrot:

(Yes, I really mean it! :heart:)

Otherwise, if YOU would like to be useful, you can post a feature request, or you can stop complaining and wasting CSM’s time :zipper_mouth_face:


Am I to understand your only contribution to the EVE community is butthurting over your inability to return Warrior Is to their original owners? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Nice Ibis by the way. So hardcore. I wish I could be just like you :upside_down_face:)

OMG, So much words :slight_smile: Are you really ok? Visit a doctor, pal. I think you have to talk to someone about your life. Drones. Drones. Pilot’s name, Container’s expire time. Write about it or be silent. Please?

btw. That’s not a suggestion. That’s imho you have to write about here.

I feel like this would be more suited for the QoL small idea section than for something a CSM member may not even care about looking at.

It’s nice that you care about stopping the rogue drone menace that plagues New Eden but seriously just keep them for yourself, drones are cheap and chances are the person who left them doesn’t care, unless it’s geckos or integrated drones in which case tough luck for them they should have recalled them

Why is this even a post? You want to return some cheap welfare drones to their original owner? Or in other words you want to give someone back their toys when they were careless so they can be careless again? This is EVE, not some local supermarket where some dithering muppet dropped their wallet. Just take them, leave them, destroy them or post in local that someone left their drones.

Archer gave you information then you basically got angry and told him to shut up with a well placed passive aggressive ‘please’ at the end. You should strongly consider accepting the friendly reach he offered you as i believe it will be of great benefit to yourself.

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Somewhy support help center GM guys told me (repeatedly) I have to write here exactly… I even don’t know what is QoL small idea section.

My care is just @above. Case is there’s no logic here when drones show (with a sign) that owned by ‘my friend’ but don’t show owned by who exactly makes more logic game errors possible… So… Why to grow errors instead of make them go away initially?

Hm ))) If you are so angry about (New Eden) world) why everyone else have to be like you? I posted it. You don’t like it. Ok. Why? Becase I CAN.
Archer is just a muff speaker, who even don’t try to understand a problem and just through a numerous words he even can’t understand… So, if you like his posts - ok. don’t try to let me like it - I won’t because it’s useless.

‘destroy them’ - making myself a suspect/criminal? NO thanks.
‘post in local that someone left their drones’:

  1. Any idea how to post coordinates to local chat?
  2. Even if it’s possible - post it in lowsec local chat? For pirates momentarily warp there and kill me?
    Don’t write about what is feasible and literally dumb. As Archer Do. Please. Or you’r his clone and love him so much 'cause of that? $)))

Drones ownership have to be showed. Time to expire a container would be good to be showed.

Talk about that.