Finding Bots


As you can’t find the bots anymore, might I suggest you check average reaction times and flag those accounts for investigation?
For example, a player might be looking at Local when hostiles enter a system (you can tell they are hostile by standings, the same way the bots do) and immediately warp to dock up.

However, players get distracted, they won’t have as perfect a docking time the same way bots do.

Ratters with good reactions, and an intel system will dock as you enter system because they have been notified you are in their constalation and will be followed about, so they know where you are and when to dock. You entering system is when they press the warp button (already aligned and drones pulled in when you were 1 jump away).

Not saying that their arent bots, but your inability to catch ratters isnt indicative of it…


This is why the suggestion is “average” and “flagged”.
It is about highlighting perfect (or slightly randomised) bot like behaviours.

what about people who got used to diving into jspace or strolling around low sec and thus have developed compulsion towards pressing V button even when local says no one else here?

Quite a few people would be caught by your method, even though they are innocent. And it isn’t hard to code up your bot to fail x% of times. And to have a random delay another few % of times.

An investigation would involve checking if they talk with others, do any other activities and so forth.

Yeah, right. Because those can’t be played around. ChatGPT says hi. When activity gets repeated enough times the difference between human and bot gets blurred.

There is more to what a player does than just chat.

yeah. We do semi-random clicks, semi-random alt-tabs, some crazy things that lower our efficiency. All can be simulated if you so desire.

That creates a higher barrier to entry for bots.

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