Finger on The Pulse

Would it be possible for CCP to host a web-page under their domain that frames their EVE pulse Youtube videos, in a similar to the way Scope vids are presented?

While I have a Google account I no longer choose to accept their terms and conditions. To the best of my knowledge It has now become impossible to watch Youtube videos without signing-in.

I have tried using “mpv” and other open software to circumvent the issue, but my “veteran rig” struggles to keep in-sync.

If it is pleasing to you to widen the scope of EVE Pulse availability I would be most appreciative.

It’s wrong. i can watch videos without sign in.

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It just nags you to sign-in every time a youtube video pops-up on your screen - damned annoying !

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's’ok, found the drones I was looking for in the Updates.

Yes drones, this is EVE.

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