Why did CCP stop putting keynotes on Youtube?

I can never find recorded streams on Youtube to watch when I am off work. I hate Twitch too. That goes for the round tables.

Roundtables from fanfest/Eve Vegas are rarely uploaded to youtube. They are for the players who go to the events.

Yes… let’s punish players for not living in the right part of the world by not only not letting them have drunk devs ears to make suggestions into but by denying them in depth information… Sounds great.

As for Op.
YouTube often is a week behind as it takes editing time etc. They might end up there.


You sound … bitter.

About people who make suggestions like that… Yep.

Suggestions like what?

The keynote is on twitch:

Perhaps the question to consider might be: Will keynotes, round tables, or fanfests themselves matter soon?

No, EvE is not dying…EvE is already dead. The EvE we knew was gone the moment the contract to sell CCP to PA was signed. Whether that will be good or bad might depend on a person’s view.

In any case, don’t forget to download the new EvE mobile game CCP recently announced.

Also don’t forget to :clap:


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I missed almost everything since September 25 btw. I just jumped on EVE YouTube just to notice a 100 mins of 2 and 1/2 video blogs about incoming EVE changes. Compared to the last year EVE Vegas YouTube blogs, it has very low performance for a $400M company.

YouTube videos are hard to make and render, you know. Just check a fan’s facebook for more info…

You didn’t miss much both fanfest and eve vegas just showed how disinterested ccp have become with the game. They have been a far cry from past ones.

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