Eve London - no keynote now!?

I just checked reddit and was surprised to notice that it was right. When tickets went on sale the blurb mentioned a keynote so what’s happened CCP?

Love it

The Eve discussion sounds similar to what they did in Finland - and it makes sense. They’ve already announced the expansion so what would they put in a keynote!?

It’s just annoying they changed it. It’s fine saying it from the beginning but changing after people have paid is a little low.

Refund. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather have them cancel the Keynote now rather than deliver an extremely lack-luster one.

For me it’s a principle thing. They listed it as have a keynote and 2019 round up.

As reddit suggested it’s now normal eve london with a chat with CCP Burger.

The others had a keynote even Vegas had an attempt.

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