Future updates to eve?

I was asked to come back and play eve… I thought it sounded like a ok idea. Then I checked the updates page and dev blogs…

No updates planned… No dev blogs on new features… Just some thing about how they try to fix something that wasn’t broke in the past.

Then I read ccp has been sold and cancel the AT with not even a fanfest this year. Some world tour but with no info about it.

Is there any info or hidden blog or even a interview with anyone from ccp saying this game has a future? Apart from the balance patch and the promise of the 64 bit client (which has been coming for years)?



This is why people have been frustrated with CCP lately. Is it really that hard to communicate with your customer base?


Yea CCP have gone quite and it’s quite sad because all they have to do is tell us what’s happening and we would understand but yea this dark period is only causing frustration to all capsuleer’s.

No idea where or what do you look but we have plenty of updates and hundreds of dev-blogs, in fact every month a new release with many new features and future plans - actually no other MMO is getting so often updates!

Obviously you‘re trying to achieve something else with your post…


I see dev blogs about chat, balance updates and timed events. Nothing about future features. Maybe you could be kind enough to link such dev blogs which do feature some info about possible new things.

The info about the keynote at end of the month is something to look out for as I assumed the world tour was just glorified evemeets.

You have to admit for someone who is thinking about starting eve online again the lack of future updates on the main page is disheartening and shouldn’t require hunting dev blogs to locate the info.

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There are none, eve’s been sold to the Koreans and all future updates will be about monetisation and lootboxes. My guess is after lootboxes they’ll introduce pay2win ships where you buy the BPCs for $$$

Game’s dead m8, what we have no is a reanimated corpse.

Let’s just wait and see what is being planned, I am sure they will release dev blogs and such soon enough. Let’s just wait and see :slight_smile:

hi @Kallaran

would be cool you come back

there are tickets for sell … there is more info arround … looks like you just didnt find it …

some players say there are too many updates and changes anyways … i think its BS but thats a different storry … why is it such a big problem that CCP want to fix stuff befor bring new features? they brought Abyssal Deadspace not a year ago … a total new race to EVE … is that nothing? thats something new to you if you had a break for a year or so …

yea the chat problem … looks good now CCP choosed to give info about that to the players … all in all it was not a huge problem even if local in populated system broke down …

should be there in April … will be a huge update and most of the work power at CCP went in that project i guess … Windows Client - Mac Client … hope both clients get the update at the same time … there are many changes in the background needed so it is a bigger thing for CCP then for us … and look … the last 15 years everyone played with the 32bit client without a problem … even with 10 chars logged in so why the hurry once we heard about a ew 64bit client?

when CCP was bought by the Koreans they said EVE will go on … thats it … there is no different info and i ont know if we need to hear it every day again

sometimes you get info on Twitter a bit befor it is in a dev blog but if you dont have Twitter i think its not worth it only for EVE … if you use Twitter you could follow CCP, EVE Online and some Devs and players

atm … after the Triglavians entered new eden no huge update came to EVE but CCP is fixing stuff and brought a new game client … a new 64bit client is coming soon so enought stuff for CCP to work on … just enjoy the stuff we have now … now new super is coming in the next few weeks :wink:

after all that and i am sure there are fixes needed in the new client too CCP will go on with features i really dont kno why this is that important because half of the players are complaining in the past was all better :wink:



You sir need to run the burn ward :slight_smile:

EVE doesn’t work like that.

They don’t do expansions or big paid updates.

We get an update every month, some are small, some are bigger.

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