EVE Fanfest 2020 Presentations?

One of the things that I look forward to most every year and that gets me the most hyped and looking forward to seeing what the future of EVE will bring is the presentations made at fan fest discussing what is going on behind the scenes, what is being worked on and what the current goals or vision of the game is.

It was said that these would still be done this year but only in an online format due to the corona virus. Perhaps I missed it but I have yet to see any mention of any of these ever having been made or put out. Were they ever made? I’ve checked the youtube channels for both CCP Games and EVE Online and do not see anything that remotely resembles past presentations. If someone has seen them somewhere please share the links.

that is a cool idea


They were streaming presentations on CCP Twitch channel in CCP⧁TV. The movies are there to watch.

I like all the presentations too, and was hoping for a virtual fanfest. Unfortunately, Hellmar said that CCP decided against it because of the amount work it would take. Instead, they’re just going to try to stream more podcast-like content.


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